In One Piece

After the excitement (and much excess) of this weekend, my body ached like a motherfucker yesterday. I drove down to San Diego with Jack Friday and just went to a typical homo bar later that night. Pretty uneventful.

Saturday night was off the fucking hook. We met up with Justin, Sean and others and went to the Beauty Bar. We all went crazy on the dance floor. I particularly wet my chonies dancing to “Paris Hilton” by Mu!

After much drinking and debauchery, Sunday hit me like a fucking brick. And that’s why God invented Sangria. A couple of those and a Jager bomb just took those blues away. Of course all of this came back to haunt me yesterday. My body ached horribly and I felt like a zombie in a George Romero movie. I did go to work because of month-end obligations, but once I got home my ass was in bed under the covers.

Anyhow, I posted pictures on Flickr.