Quelle Pomo!

Nothing is more postmodern when reality tv contestants start going at each other via MySpace. Flavor of Love contestants “New York” and “Pumkin” constantly griped with each other and came to a head in the second-to-last elimination. After Pumkin was eliminated, she and New York started arguing when all of the sudden a huge noogie flew out of Pumkin’s mouth into New York’s face. A brief scuffle ensued then all was “normal” in the Flav mansion.

Taking all of this in, I can’t help but think that Baudrillard was right. He says, “The universe is not dialectical: it moves toward the extremes, and not towards equilibrium; it is devoted to a radical antagonism and not to reconciliation or to synthesis”. I’ve always thought that he was full of shit, but now with how reality tv has taken off I think I have to give him a second chance.

Speaking of reality tv, my recap of America’s Next Top Model will be posted tomorrow morning. Mwahahahah!