Project Runway

I am completely obsessed with all things Project Runway. I am one of those who reads Blogging Project Runway almost daily. I have gone to Daniel Vosovic’s Friendster page (since I do have an itty bitty crush on him); I read Santino’s blog occassionally; I’m completely in love with Chloe’s designs. Hell. I almost downloaded the PR ringtone from the Bravo website today.

So tonight is the Season 2 reunion episode. Then next week is the Olympus Fashion Week final. After seeing still photos of the three finalists’ (Daniel V., Santino and Chloe) and one decoy’s (Kara Janx) shows, I really thought Kara would win it all since it was the most dynamic. But when she was cut in last week’s episode, I had no clue who would win. I thought the three finalists’ collections were very boring. But my gut feeling is that Santino will win the whole thing. *shrugs*

But here is a great interview with Tim Gunn on Being the “den mother”, it’s great to hear his opinion on the show and the designers. Ha!

Ok enough gayness for now until America’s Next Top Model starts in a couple of weeks.