The Heart Is Deceitful…

I don’t quite know how to feel about this.

For months now speculation has run rampant about the true identity of JT LeRoy. It looks like the rumors are true: JT Leroy is in fact the creation of Laura Albert.

On one hand I feel a bit cheated. I picked up Sarah on the knowledge that JT was a prostitute pulling tricks in West Virginia truck stops. While I knew Sarah was a work of fiction, knowing JT’s history made it more compelling. It was easier to empathize with Sarah as s/he went through his/her quest of identity.

But then again, what is identity? If the body of work is good on its own, it shouldn’t make a difference if the supposed creator is actually a fictional character. Is Story of O any less impressive because no one knows who Pauline Reage is?

So I don’t know. Is this utter fraud or great art? *shrugs*