A Brighter Shade of Red

An embarassing thing happened to me this morning.

At the gym this morning I was on the treadmill. I start off with a walk to warm up, increase to a jog for a bit and then go to a full run. Right as I started the run, I realized I had a booger in my nose. It’s one of boogers that you know is going to fall down at any second. So I rub my nose a little hoping that it won’t fly off as my breathing starts to increase. But oh damn does it hurt.

I decide to leave it alone in hopes that it will retreat back up my nose. Oh no. It decides to hang on by a thread. All of this is taking my focus off of what I’m doing. Eventually, it inexplicably goes flying out onto the monitor of the treadmill. The wet part just sticks to the timer section. Gross!

As I take my towel to swat it away, I completely lose focus and trip up on my feet. I fall down onto the treadmill and end up on the floor. The person on the treadmill behind me asks me if I’m all right. What more could I do but laugh? Here I am trying to wipe up a booger that flew from my nose and I end up in a crumpled pile on the floor behind the treadmill.

Lesson: always eliminate stuff in all orifices thoroughly before you go to the gym. And you would think that I would’ve learned this after I had a horrible farting experience on the leg press machine last week. Oopsie!