Stupid Little Meme

It’s stupid, but I might make a mix based on this. It’s pretty self explanatory: my fave songs to each letter of the alphabet.

# “50 Ft Queenie” – PJ Harvey
A “Anisette” – June of 44
B “Brother James” – Sonic Youth
C “Ceremony” – Joy Division/New Order
D “Distill” – Blonde Redhead
E “Emerge” – Fischerspooner
F “Family Tree” – Loretta Lynn
G “Grown Men Don’t Fall Into the River Just Like That” – Liars
H “Hot Metal Dobermans” – Brainiac
I “I Broke Up” – Xiu Xiu
J “Johnny Are You Queer” – Josie Cotton
K “Kid Who Tells on Another Kid Is a Dead Kid” – Nation of Ulysses
L “Les Chanson de Slogan” – Serge Gainsbourg
M “MKUltra” – Unwound
N “New Lexicon” – Milemarker
O “Oliver’s Army” – Elvis Costello
P “Panda Panda Panda” – Deerhoof
Q “Question of Lust” – Depeche Mode
R “Rodeo Town” – The Kills
S “Spellbound” – Siouxsie and the Banshees
T “Testure” – Skinny Puppy
U “Unpretty” – TLC
V “Velouria” – Pixies
W “Wonderful Rainbow” – Lightning Bolt
X “X and Y” – Moving Units
Y “Yoo Doo Right” – Can
Z “Ziggy Stardust” – Bauhaus