This Weekend’s Predictions

This weekend in football. Most of these are going to be wrong, but whatever.


New England Patriots at Denver Broncos
: I don’t think the Broncos are real. They’ve done just enough to make it to the playoffs, but that’s about it. New England started the season with injuries but have come back close to championship form over the last several weeks. Patriots over Broncos 24-20.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Indianapoliis Colts: It’s the fucking Colts. They creamed Pittsburgh in the regular season, and they’ll do it again Sunday. Colts over Steelers 35-10.


Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks: These are two teams that I don’t buy into. Washington has a great defense and no offense, and Seattle is just plain lucky. Seattle hasn’t really dominated anyone on both sides of the ball, and that problem is going to rear its ugly head again on Saturday. But Washington isn’t any better. Seahawks over Redskins 14-13.

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears: Back when they played this season, Carolina was on a six game winning streak and looking dominant. Then they went to Chicago and met the Chicago defense. The Bears won 13-3. The only difference between now and then is Rex Grossman coming back as the quarterback of the Bears making the offense a little more explosive. Bears over Panthers 17-7.