Karma At Its Best

About a year before I quit my last job, they hired a new controller for the company. Prior to that I reported directly to the CFO with no problems. Around August 2004, I had the sense they were trying to get rid of me. The controller basically took over my department and left me with no say as to how to run my department. Of course I was looking for another job by then, but I knew I had to quit for good this time last year when I saw my job being posted online unbeknownst to me.

Since then, the CFO left with health problems, and several weeks ago the controller was forced to resign. Apparently the Board of Directors found out that he knew nothing about how to be a controller.

And today I find out that the person who replaced me was fired last week for embezzling money using the company credit card. Yowzers. After treating me the way they did, it makes me chuckle to know that they got theirs. The moral of the story? DON’T FUCK WITH ME