Guess who’s going to see the Pixies? Me!!! Granted I’m seeing them at the not-so-great Wiltern, but still. I’ve been waiting to see them ever since Moro, my best friend in high school, first put in Bossanova in the tape deck of my car back around 1995. I didn’t get a chance to see the shows last year, so I’m especially pumped to see them.

It’s a really weird time musically for me right now. I was never one to be on the vanguard of music. Most of the bands that have shaped me over the past 5-8 years were long dead or on their last collective breaths. But now they are beginning to regroup and tour. Like Dinosaur. I’m really upset that I missed their show last week @ Spaceland. To see the original line up perform “Freak Scene” would have been awesome. But they’re doing a decent tour, so hopefully they’ll be back around soon.