Josh and Ron

Josh glided to the bathroom in post-orgasmic bliss. He had to piss, a ritual that occurs after he cums hard. It was like he was a dog marking his territory. This was a good lay; this was HIS lay.

Josh returned to the bed and found Ron lying there softly snoring. Just a minute ago Josh had Ron’s legs on his shoulders hammering his cock deep inside Ron.

Josh started to nibble on Ron’s earlobe. He could not get enough of Ron’s taste. It was a mix of sweat with a hint of sweetness. It was addicting. Sort of like finding a good vein after years of shooting heroin.

Ron started to stir showing no signs of being awake. Josh worked his way down to Ron’s nipple.

“Oh that feels good,” Ron finally uttered.

Josh responded by tugging on the nipple more viciously. Ron’s body writhed gently, his dick slowly rising.

Josh took Ron’s dick in his mouth. He loved the musky smells that emanated from it. He loved the way Ron moaned sensually. It didn’t sound like a porn star’s, and it wasn’t forced. It was just ooooooh.

Ron opened his eyes. The pleasure soon turned to absolute horror at what he saw.


8:00 pm – 8:20 pm @ Coffee Cartel