Design design design. It’s the fashion of things. You have to design your hair once you step out. Actually let me abort this blog and start over.

I feel like a bad fag. I hate the shitty house music I hear all of the time. I love me some good ole indie rock n roll. I would much rather hang out with friends sippin’ on some coffee discussin’ politics books rhetoric aesthetics which band is going to be coming to town and all of that rot. The few gay friends I have here in LA are all about the “oh mary look what that bitch is wearing i so need a blowjob” type of thing (as if a blowjob were an accessory). I’m the anti-gay.

And I hate having bad sex — I would rather not have sex at all. I’ve endured to many bad blowjobs (or lick jobs as they seemed to practice) and drunken premature shrinkage action. And to think. I’m only a homo of the age 24. It’s supposed to be all good.

At least I will be entertained by Radiohead on September 25.