Erg. This has been a week of irritation for me. Of course most of this irritation lies in my car hobbling on its final legs. Whenever I want to go reverse, I have to push my car. It is a sad situation. I am in mourning. Well I’ll be mourning until tomorrow when I get my new car. Woo!!!! It is going to be a 2002 Toyota Camry which my uncle is selling to me. Gotta love family. Actually I had my heart set on the 2003 Accord Coupe, but oh well.

So until then I am trapped in my apartment. My brain is ready to explode from not leaving the confines all day. I am seriously thinking of burning the place down. Eh. The only thing that’s prevented me so far is KUSC. And yes I am addicted.

One more thing. In the midst of all of this, I forgot to make an appointment with an eye doctor. So I am still wearing by glasses with a 10-year old prescription. *sighs* Need contacts!!!!!

Wow. A post that is completely bitchy. I really do need to talk to more people. Eh.