I think my mom has succeeded in getting me sick. I’m sniffly right now. And I was doing so well this cold season. Grrrrr….

So it looks like these Radiohead tracks were rough early mixes that were stolen. So for the folks that just HAD to hear the songs, there you go. I remember downloading Amnesiac before the album was released and being let down. It’s just… ah well. A lot of people call me a fool for buying a lot of music. “If it’s free and you can burn it onto CD, why bother paying for it?” The first thing that pops into my head is Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” (1936). In it he mentions that although it is easier to replicate works of art thanks to industrialization, what these replications lack is the original piece’s aura. That’s my attitude towards MP3s. Although they may be pretty handy, their once more removed from the original piece. Admittedly, the CDs the we buy are not the original piece, but they’re as close as we can feasably come to nowadays.

[ok. that was longer than i had hoped.]

Um… I’m planning a trip to SB on 4/18. I will be cohosting Open Mic Night at Java Jones with athenae one last time for old time’s sake. The rest of the weekend is open for me. So come play with me!! Or something like that.

RIP Edwin Starr.