This is a little something I wrote yesterday:

Breathe in the scent. It is the smell of civilization in decay. Phosphoresent orbs gleaming from the remains of the Bank of Amerika. People didsn’t see this coming. Shit. People don’t see anymore, but I can and did.

Breathe in the air. It is the smell of capitalism in its ultimate crash. This proves once and for all that capitalism is better than communism. When communism fell, the only thing that collapsed were walls and market systems.

Breathe in the stench. It is the smell of the CEOs emerging from their makeshift coffins. They sensed their ultimate prize and are rewarding themselves for a job well done. The land is finally theirs for the taking, no more environment to worry about.

Boys go to Jupiter
To get more stupider.
Girls go to Mars
Become rock stars.

I feel the end. It is here.