I’m taking the night off from going out into the world and exposing myself to the cruelty known as humans. Shit. I could make a great goth writer. Donna Tartt, eat yr heart out!

So instead, I’m amped up of caffeine and about to embark on an collage project of epic proportions. Well, maybe not epic. Feh. I’ve started to clip things out of the LA Weekly and LA Times that I have lying around my room. I should really put some use to them.

I have also discovered my camera. It was hiding underneath several layers of books and assorted papers and CD cases. So I’m taking pictures. So far, I took some shots of my room, my crotch and my toe. I know. Interesting.

So what this all entails I don’t know. Hopefully it will coalesce into something sticky and outright annoying. Mwahahahahahah!