My team won!!! Yes, the Chicago Bears beat the New York Jets!!!! (Sorry. The Bears winning happens so infrequently this year that I get excited when it happens.)

Anyhow, I’m running on 3 hours of sleep. Went out with Madd to her co-worker’s Xmas party. Got drunk, stoned then went to Here in WeHo. I actually had a great time. I’ll post about it later.

The company Xmas party on Friday was eventful. The CEO and CFO getting drunker than all hell and tearing up the dance floor was quite a sight to see. Imagine middle-aged white guys dancing as if they were the sousaphone line in a marching band. Oh my. Thank god drinks were free.

On a final note, I am addicted to Trader Joes. I realize for the past several weeks I’ve only been buying my groceries there. Mmm…..