Here’s a great tale whose moral is basically Billy Corgan is an asshole.

Kelly Osbourne stoked hostilities between the Osbourne family and former Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan at the New York City area radio show, Claus Fest, in Uniondale, New York on Thursday night (December 12).
Corgan and Sharon Osbourne had a tiff several years ago, after she quit as the Pumpkins manager. The feud came alive again at the Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles on December 7. At that show, Kelly’s boyfriend, Bert McCracken of the Used, allegedly tried to trip Corgan, who performed with his new band Zwan. Corgan allegedly struck back by kicking McCracken in the stomach, according to sources at the Los Angeles radio station.

Osbourne took verbal revenge in New York, telling the crowd from the stage that Corgan performed oral favors on the program director of the New York radio station to secure a spot on the bill.

Sharon Osbourne’s relationship with Corgan went sour when she dropped the Pumpkins as a client. The band filed suit against her in early 2000. At the time of the split, Sharon said in a statement: “It was with great pride and enthusiasm that I took on management of the Pumpkins back in October [1999], but unfortunately I must resign due to medical reasons…Billy Corgan was making me sick!!!”

I guess I’m not the only person to whom Billy Corgan induces nausea.