Last night, M___ called me. She’s one of my high school friends whom I didn’t contact after I moved to Santa Barbara (by choice). I didn’t feel like playing a part of her melodramatic games. All of a sudden, about a year ago, she contacted me out of nowhere. So I was amiable, not chummy like before.

So she called me bemoaning the regretable actions she has done in the past. It seems the guilt she’s racked up since in becoming unbearable. I didn’t feel like getting too involved so I was succinct. She felt better by the end of the conversation, so I just went on.

It makes me uncomfortable to be in this position. I spent so much time with her back in the day, and to some extent she turned on me in the final days. I don’t know. I guess there’s some baggage involved. *shrugs*

On a lighter note, it’s payday!!!! *does payday dance*