On We Tread

I’m an election junkie. It’s such a thrill to watch the returns coming in and hearing commentary and all that junk. But I didn’t miss Gilmore Girls so there!

But who was surprised by the results? I was surprised that the Democrats did as well as they did nationally. All of their campaigns were run ineptly. I mean, most people are against the war in Iraq; most people know Gore won in 2000; most people see Bush and his regime as being in alignment with Enron, Worldcom and other corporate criminals. Let’s not forget the sniper, our disasterous economy, Social Security, poverty, and so on. So how is it the Democrats couldn’t pick up seats? My only answer is their complete incompetence.

Out here in California, it’s a different issue. All of the Democrats won all of the state offices. This means we can dismiss any hopes that in the event of an emergency we will get federal aid. We have four more years of Gray Davis who has done more fund raising than governing. It will be interesting to see if he will actually work on issues now that he will be termed out.

Additionally, my congresswoman, Jane Harman, won easily to my dismay. So today is the first day of my campaign to unseat her in 2004. We’ll see how that goes.

On a lighter note, my back has been getting much better. I am somewhat mobile thanks to my acupuncturist. But don’t expect me to start swinging from the chandeliers. I’m not that kinda girl.