Friday night, my family celebrated Korean Thanksgiving at my uncle’s house. Since my grandmother was in Dallas visiting my aunt, she was absent which is weird since she is the Matriarch (with a capitol “M”). So her abscence made things a bit off. Nevertheless we had a good time for which I tended to a bottle of merlot. I was a bit too drunk to drive so my mom had to drive me home. Tee hee. I ended up passed out at 9pm. I’m such a winner.

Saturday, I finally got my transmission fluids flushed (which it needed badly). Went out with urbanemonkey and clan and had a pretty enjoyable time. Drove back home a bit stoned and had no energy all day long yesterday. Uy.

So now I’m really hyper and will probably annoy the piss out of all my coworkers. This is why I love my job. 🙂