So Much Substance, So Little Articulation

Ok. First things first. 9-11-01 was a tragedy. So was 9-11-73. For those of you who don’t know, this was the day Chilean president Salvador Allende was assassinated by a military-backed coup Gen. Augusto Pinochet led. Of course, this coup was financed by Amerika (thanks to Nixon and Kissinger) and led to over 5000 citizens mysteriously disappearing throughout Pinochet’s regime. The harsh disregard of human rights and civil liberties by Pinochet eventually led him to be prosecuted a couple of years ago. Charges were eventually dropped because he was “unfit” to stand trial.

Now how does this tie in with everything? The only significance of 9-11-01 is that it’s the first time terrorist action hit Amerikan soil. We have now caught up with the rest of the world in knowing that this can happen at any time. In the media, a lot of people say that they are now scared because of this. There were plenty of things to be scared of: hate crimes, police brutality and the infringement of our civil liberties. Now white middle-class Amerikans are scared. THAT there is the significance.

I do mourn the 3000 people who died a year ago. I mourn the infringement of our freedoms thanks to the absurd Patriot Act. I mourn the loss of thousands upon millions of innocent civilian victims killed due to Amerika’s support of Iraq, Taliban and other inherently evil regimes around the world. And of course all of this is done in the name of profits.

Okay, now for the good part. I was writing a little rant and reading V. by Thomas Pynchon at the coffeeshop last night. At the next table, there was this boy who was really really loud. He was considerate enough to notice me and ask me if I was bothered. I started talking, and once I start, it’s almost impossible to get me to stop. After about an hour of gabbing, he said he needed a ride to his apartment since his car was in the shop. Noting the lure, I went for it.

So at about 10:00, I was in a boy’s apartment making like a rabbit in the springtime. He was surprisingly a top and left bitemarks in all of the right places (ie, I don’t have to wear a turtleneck today). Tee hee. Without going into too much detail, I felt dirty and like it.

I asked him about significant others (doesn’t have one), political leanings (lefty) and music (everything, and he loves Chopin too!). I just hope he doesn’t turn out to be completely wacko.