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Another Hate Beating Reported

A third man was attacked early Monday morning near the spot where a 33-year-old actor and a friend were beaten with a baseball bat and a metal pipe, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s said Thursday.

Both incidents are being investigated as hate crimes, officials said.

Officials said the third victim made his report Thursday, after learning of the first attack, which left Treve Broudy in critical condition.

“It was the same night. The same street. The same exact MO,” said Deputy Donald M. Mueller of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

The third victim, whose name was not released, was walking near Hilldale Avenue and Cynthia Street about 1:30 a.m. when a car pulled up and two men jumped out, Mueller said.

The 35-year-old West Hollywood resident was struck in the back of the head before he could escape and run toward busy Santa Monica Boulevard. His assailants chased him and hit him again before they fled. He suffered large bruises on the back of his head, but did not seek medical help, Mueller said.

The third victim made the report Thursday as officials held a news conference to release a composite sketch of one of three men alleged to have participated in the beating of Broudy and a friend.

Meanwhile, outraged family members and a local business offered a reward of $35,000 for information leading to arrests in the beating of Broudy. And West Hollywood community officials announced unity marches tonight and Saturday night in response to the attacks.

Broudy’s condition was upgraded to serious at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, four days after he and a friend were assaulted in the 8900 block of Cynthia about 12:20 a.m.

At a news conference Thursday, Sheriff Lee Baca called that crime an outrage and said the victims appeared to have been targeted because they were believed to be gay.

Sheriff’s officials said that patrol deputies were actively searching for a 1987 or 1988 light brown or faded red, four-door Nissan.

The vehicle, authorities said, is described as having tinted rear windows and may have California license plates with the partial numbers 3SDO or 3SOU.

Sheriff’s Det. John Kniest said the department was investigating the incident as a hate crime because of the location and timing of the attack, which took place just after Broudy and his friend had embraced.

Kniest said other evidence also pointed toward a hate crime, but he declined to release details. Mueller said the second attack was also being investigated as a hate crime.

In addition to the beating inflicted on Broudy, the attackers smashed two windows on Edward Lett’s car and hit him on the arm as he sped away, Capt. Lynda Castro said.

Two witnesses driving by saw Broudy struck with a metal pipe and kicked. They flashed their lights and the attackers fled, sheriff’s officials said.

“We want to show that the business owners and the residents–we’re just not going to put up with this,” said David Cooley, owner of the Abbey, a West Hollywood restaurant that put up $10,000 of the reward.

City officials plan to distribute copies of the sketch in West Hollywood bars this weekend.

Steve Martin, mayor pro tem of West Hollywood, said the attack left his community rattled and determined to do more to combat discrimination against homosexuals.

“It just really brings home the reality of some of the mindless hatred that hangs over our lives,” said Martin, who is gay.

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