I’m Melting….

It is hotter than Pamela Anderson’s pussy here. Uy fucking vey. With everything circulating, it’s probably around 100 degrees not counting the humidity. I live in a fucking desert! Why the fuck is there humidity!!!

Other than that, the weekend has been productive. Friday night, I went out celebrating with lotusblossom and her boyfriend evildork. She just got a job teaching over in Silverlake. Actually the celebration was cut short becuz she was tired. Eh. Got to play with kitties (the only kind of pussies I’ll ever stroke) and watch the Game Show Network.

Saturday, Madelaine woke me up and invited me to go to the Fashion District in Downtown LA. We were walking around out there for six hours. I got a lovely Che Guevarra shirt with a caption that reads, “Hasta la victoria siempre!”. Since I can’t find a shirt with a hammer and sickle, this will do just fine for now.

Went out with urbanemonkey Saturday night and just talked politics most of the night. It’s refreshing to hear someone whose views are more to the center than mine.

Anyhow, I’m trying to keep things cool, but it’s almost next to impossible. Bleah.