Friday night was fun with coworkers. Had a couple of beers and just shot the shit. Got home pretty early (11pm). Tired. Went to bed.

Saturday I was supposed to go to Sunset Jct Fair to see Mudhoney and Sonic Youth with Madelaine. Met up with her at her place. Ends up she had a prior engagement for salsa dancing at the Marriott in Torrance. Ended up going there and ordering a Chinese chicken salad that ended giving me horrendous stomach pains. They put too much oil. Sat around reading Chomsky’s 9-11 while everyone danced. I was not in the mood for salsa. I wanted Sonic Youth. A complete waste of a night.

This afternoon, I decided to go to Amoeba to exorcise my demons from last night. Got the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s EP, Lightning Bolt’s Ride the Skies and Slint’s EP. I really like all three of them. Went to Cafe Luna on Melrose to eat and went home. All in all… what can you say? It’s a weekend I suppose.

I really don’t know what to do with myself anymore.