It’s payday! It’s payday! [does a little jig] I think I’m going to attempt to go thrift store raiding again this weekend, hopefully with more success than last time. I need to find some kitschy shirts. Ooooh! And I need to buy some pants since all of my pants fall down to the ground (and I HATE wearing a belt, but I do).

I think it is time also to dye my hair. The gray is really starting to piss me off. I spent about 10 minutes this morning succumbing to my vanity and pulling my white hairs. I think I pulled a couple of black ones since the haze of the morning was still in my eyes.

AND I need to buy more Elvis Costello albums. Evidently he was chosen as UCLA’s first “artist in residence”, whatever that means. Actually, what DOES that mean? Can anyone explain? Anyhow he’s a genius. I spent most of last night listening to “(What’s So Funny About) Peace, Love and Understanding?” and just laugh at the dripping irony.