A Night of Tedium

That’s the main problem with LA. Once you are here for a while, things start to get tedious. Perhaps it’s because of the people I know here. Perhaps the aura of the city brings out the anti-socialite in me.

Last night, I was out with Madelaine (whose birthday is today!!!!). We ended up going to the Santa Monica Promenade. A huge cloud hangs over that place especially since Midnight Special is being run out of business. We ate at Johnny Rockets since my cash supply is low at the moment (stupid car!!!). Afterwards, it was the same conversation as ever:

Madelaine: Let’s go to __(insert store here)__
Moi: Nah. (gets out cigarette and starts puffing away)

And so the routine goes. Can someone please let me out of my misery?

Anyhow, I’m going to do some painting, writing and finish reading Lady Chatterly’s Lover. What a wonderful book!