I went and saw Notorious C.H.O. last night with lotusblossum. She called me up last night and asked to “play”. So I went over to her apartment having no idea what we were going to do. After about 30 minutes of lulling around, we decide to get coffee on Santa Monica Blvd. Right when we pass the Nuart, I point to the movie and we were in (of course there was the obligatory parking search, but you get the jist of it).

Over, it is a funny movie. The only weird thing about it is that I am not used to watching stand-up performances on a screen. Besides that, it was an entertaining look into her forays into S/M, “Colon Hydrotherapy” and other bits of absurdity. If it’s playing anywhere near you, see it. Period.

Naturally, when I’m over at Lotusblossom’s place, I’m there until 1 or 2 in the morning. I’m surprised that I’m not as tired as I thought I would be. Oh! And her boyfriend noted that I’m a bitch after reading this journal. My only response is, “So?”