The Real Life Jerry Springer Show

So I made it to Santa Barbara and had a ball. I saw faces that I haven’t seen in months (actually almost a year in some cases!) which is really nice. The overall mood was that of hyperactive; I was just overstimulated from the amount of people present.

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Friday night was a sort of housewarming BBQ for Skick. For some reason, my sexual preferences came out a lot during the BBQ, and Brandon would tease me saying how he could satisfy my “needs”. Of course I scoffed him — he’s straight!! How the hell would he be able to please me?!

So this line of teasing continued after we relocated to Raf’s apartment (so we could be loud and not arrested). With each successive encounter, the teasing between Brandon and I got more intense (probably due to the alcohol flowing in our systems) until finally he led me to the bedroom. All of the sudden, his tongue was in my mouth (how that could’ve happened, I don’t know).

Finally I felt teeth on my neck when the door opens (damn those doors with no locks!!!!!) His girlfriend Nicole walks in, sees us and runs away slamming the door on us. Oops! My first reaction was to laugh since this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.

Feeling guilty, I tell a couple of friends about my naughtiness in hopes to purge myself of this ickiness. I then learn that Brandon and Nicole are engaged.

This can only happen in my life.

On a more positive note, I met another gay indie punk rocker. I didn’t like him though