So I left work at 3:30 on Saturday. When I got home, sleep hit me like a 20,000 ton concrete block. Then at 6:00 Norman called me and woke me up. We went to dinner and I went to Amoeba to pick up the new Sonic Youth record. I’m very lukewarm about it right now. (That’s not a good sign).

Yesterday was a disaster unto itself. Not only was I still tired from lack of sleep, I went to the Warhol show at MOCA. That was the hugest letdown, even though I was anticipating it. Yes, I should’ve known better but hey. At least I can say that I KNOW for a fact that it was horrible.

But I’m all caught up on sleep now which feels nice. And I’m reading Period by Dennis Cooper. Some pretty cool shit. Less adolescent than his previous books.