I hate heterosexual men.

I go to Coffee Cartel last night (as I have been doing quite often lately) to get some reading and writing done. I’m sitting have a nice cigarette since I tend to smoke more when caffeine is being injested into my system. I hear some blokes sitting at the table behind me rattle off inane subjects (i.e. Swingers epitomizes sex life in LA, Portugese people have pointy noses, Mexicans are all Catholics therefore have lots of babies). I can’t help but overhear them since they were really loud and talked in that heterosexual-jock drawl that makes me want to shove a knife through their throats.

Throughout their conversation, I was smoking more and more because I was getting annoyed. Then one of them had the nerve to cough loudly and ask me quite vociferously to not smoke. I could only reply to them in the only way I knew how: “Well if you could stop the noise pollution from seeping over to my table, I would gladly stop smoking this fag.” They shut up after that.

I think they didn’t like the word “fag”. Or maybe I confused them. I don’t know. Eventually they left, and the only thing I could think about was how I hated heterosexual men. What reason, you may ask? None. I just hate them. No justification. No nothing. So there