T minus one week until my boss goes on maternity leave. This means that for two months, I don’t have to deal with her ineptitude and general character flaws. For two months, I control which suppliers get paid. The funny part is a lot of the suppliers are now kissing my ass in hopes of getting paid on time. Hah! Like that will ever happen.

Funny story: on the way to Universal Citywalk yesterday, I was listening to Babes in Toyland really loud. Natually I was screaming along with Kat. Stuck on the 405 (what a suprise) this truck next to me hears my screams and the occupants start laughing. I notice that they were a couple of jock boys so I start improvising lyrics about cutting their dicks off, etc. etc. I think I might have scared them off a little because tried to keep their distance from me. Moral of the story: It’s not a good thing to get a fag pissed off, especially one listening to Babes in Toyland.