Regrettably, there is nothing to look forward to in our culture of hyperconsumption. As the marketing and advertising agencies grab hold on what is the consumer’s primal desire to show off to society, they have created this culture of “more is better”. Consumers are falling for this ploy buying more products that are mostly identical. As the bottom lines of companies grow and grow, the creativity of the consumer diminishes. We are being herded into the field of conformity as each year passes.

The dreary landscape of our consumer culture has led to increasing political apathy. Consumers are becoming more aware (whether consciously or not) that corporations control government. After Reagan’s years of greed, our political landscape has evolved more into a meritocracy (or perhaps an oligarchy). The poor masses don’t control the policies that affect them. Rather, the rich and the privileged get to make these decisions. As each year turns bleaker for the impoverished, voter participation decreases among them (see statistics comparing voter turnout for the richest 1% compared to the poorest 20%).

Something that might be in a zine I’m starting to do. I’m unsure as to the title of it, but I’m starting to do something with my presently useless mind.