I was incredibly depressed last night when I got home. The constant image of the second plane hitting the building completely devestated me. I was in a constant loop of anger, depression and fear. All of this can be noted in yesterday’s entry, but I was feeling this with more intensity. I decided to go out jogging and overheard a group of walkers talking about it saying, “those protestors in Seattle are involved. They want nothing more than destruction.”

Wow. That threw out my concentration during my jog. How many more ignorant ideas must we all hear regarding this incident? I’m just flabberghasted at all the words being hurled yesterday and today.

So I decided to go to Borders during lunch and bought the new issues of Punk Planet (with interviews with Shellac and Ralph Nader) and Wallpaper*. I’ll go home, read these periodicals and flush my brain from everything. Hopefully that will work.

Must do some new writing. Happy birthday Fray!