It never fails. As the hours pass, I have become increasingly numb to this entire situation. First, there was anger. I had no idea why anyone would want to send a message by slamming planes into buildings kamikaze style. Of course, this is before I could digest what others were thinking.

As the morning wore on, I heard every sort of voice saying what an outrage this is, asking what America did do deserve this, anger as to why America wasn’t prepared for this and calls to up defense spending using this incident as an example. The more voices I heard, the more annoyed I got. How can anyone living in this country think that we are li’l innocent people undeserving of something like this.

Now, as with everything in this world, this happened for a reason. Whether it was a bunch of Palestinians pissed off at our inseparable alliance with the Israelis, our constant exploitation of third world countries that drive them to the brink of extinction or whatever else, we need to do something to fix this. I’m not talking about retaliation or “justice”, but rather a complete overhaul of our foreign policy that actually supports what our country stands for.