Antonin: It’ll be good all right. It’ll be the best you’ve ever had. Trust me.
John: I know what I’m into. How far are you will to go?
A: I’ve gone deeper into the reaches of kink that it’s not even funny.
J: Details?
A: Blood, guts, San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, MTV. Enough?
J: Well…
A: Look. I need to make my money somehow. If you’re from the Times, fuck off. If not, let me in and let’s go.
J: How much?
A: I’m fucking priceless.
ATTITUDE is worth its weight in gold here. The thicker, the better.

The picnic was great. It uplifted my spirits. I tried to get some of my co-workers to go with me, but the prevailing opinion was, “I’m not into that lovey-dovey shit.” So there you go. I guess I’m “lovey-dovey”.