It’s quite annoying that it’s 8 am and I am wide awake. That hasn’t happened ever.

Quite a weekend. Friday night, I saw the eX-Girls play in Silverlake. I am now definitely certain that Japanese people are purely bizarre. Now, I don’t mean that they are bizarre just for the sake of it, but it is in their “collective unconscious” to be strange; it’s a fact of life for them.

Saturday was quite a busy day. I had a late lunch with Madd at Eurochow which was very yummy. Came home to change and went with Alex to his friend’s birthday and then to Club Make-up where they had a tribute to Madonna. Now, Club Make-up is probably the only place in town with a decent drag show. (I haven’t seen a good drag show since Chameleon’s closed down 2 years ago in Santa Barbara.) Sooo much fun.

Sunday was recovering day, mostly, since I was hung over most of the day. Had dinner at PF Chang’s with Madd then went to bed. And yesterday was truly a do-nothing day.

I have no idea what I’m doing this week. But fun fun fun!