There is so much music out there for me to consume it is crazy. I am looking forward to the All Tomorrows Parties festival here in UCLA in October. I will be a drooling mess that weekend I bet. I’ll be able to see Sonic Youth once again and also JSBX, Stephen Malkmus, Boredoms, and a whole lotta other bands.

And this weekend, I’m going back up to Santa Barbara to see Depeche Mode. So many things to do, so little time.

Sometimes things get a little to hectic that there’s not much time to breathe. It will be something of a renewal to get through the next couple of months. Sometimes I can even hear the sounds of the refineries at night. It’s an eerie sensation, especially since I’m not used to them anymore. It’s funny how four years of Santa Barbara changed me.

Tomorrow is another day….