The local news has read more like an obituary than anything else. The big incident was the guy plowing into 5 people and a dozen cars on Saturday night. Then there has been a mail-bombing and a suicide to throw into the mix. It’s been a bottle of joy here in Santa Barbara. On top of that I’ve been a bit whorish as of late (if you don’t think that’s traumatic, well you have another thing coming to you). I blame all of this on the weather. We need some sort of balance of our neurochemicals that the rain fucks up. It’s just that.

On a much different note, I have a couple of graphical ideas jotted down for the page. It will take longer than I anticipated doing these things. I also have several job offers that I am highly thinking about also. So it’s been a bit busy to say the very least.

I WILL finish this page. I promise.