To this day, I get a bit teary eyed when I hear about Kurt’s suicide. It’s been over 6 years, but it has that sting that is quite hard to get over. But shit, I can remember wher I was when I found out. It’s quite upsetting in a way I suppose.

I watched the MTV VMAs on Thursday. I don’t understand them at all. The performers all did medleys (with the exception of the Chili Peppers); I was waiting for Judy Garland’s ghost (no, not Liza Minelli) to appear in the rafters. Funny thing is I had no opinions about any of the nominees so there was no disappointment (as opposed to last year when I was hoping that UNKLE would get the Best Breakthrough Video award; Fatboy Slim got it instead). Ahhh mediocrity. It’s so so very.

Just when you thought I was done updating, I’m going to be redesigning this again. I’m really not happy with the layout nor the content. I think the only thing that’s staying is this blog. Don’t expect for too much. Go to for some content-type stuff. It’s quite old, but the work there is still relevant to literary criticism, art, the novel, etc. Yeah it’s pretentious, but oh well. It’s quite funny at times too.