Here: another potential raise for taking on another position. My problem: my boss is wavery on giving raises. He’ll say he will, but will neglect it. Basically it’s empty promises. My solution: I came to work 30 minutes late dressed up and shaven. Look like I went to another interview so that they will be scared as shit. Hopefully I WILL get that raise. I will finally be able to say that I being paid properly for my profession.

In other news: I bought SYR 5 yesterday. It’s quite good and loud. The sound: FSOL with a Sonic Youth kick in the kidneys. It features Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth), DJ Olive and Ikue Mori (of the no-wave band DNA). It’s a good record to trip to, if you’re into that (read: not for E-tards. Yeah it has DJ Olive, but it doesn’t have any of that shitty house or “happy hardcore” wank on it).

I’m also trying to do a new look for the page. I have no conception of how I want to go about it. Oh well. I feel age starting to set it. Poop.