An exquisite concert! Schizophrenia/Burning Spear/Free City Rhymes/Renegade Princess/Bull in the Heather/Teenage Riot/Nevermind (What Was It Anyway?)/NYC Ghosts and Flowers [there was some more shit from the new album which I know but I forget the title and the order. Oops.] Encore: Lightning/Brother James. I was looking forward to 100%, but that’s all right. I also thought when they were doing the intro to BJ that it was going to be Death Valley 69. Wait. I think there was a song from 1000 Leaves in the main set.

In the background, they had a voyeuristic camera shooting people crossing the street in NYC, the subway, etc. So much to say. Let’s just say that even though they’re older, they still know how to tear shit up.

Now I have to figure out how to create an aging report for our payables. I have two books of Access 97 on my desk, so hopefully I can create something pretty with it. Hopefully….