Touch Me I'm Sick

Oh Mommy Dearest

Fucking Mother! This all started with the Blair Witch Project for me, the fucking excessive use of handheld cameras making the movie viewing experience a nauseous one. I’ve been good about it so far: Nine Songs, Cloverfield, 24 Hour Party People. I managed to avoid having to throw up at a theater.

Well at the Saturday morning matinee of Mother!, I finally got to check something off my proverbial bucket list. About 90 minutes into the film, about where an impromptu book release party happens to a very pregnant Jennifer Lawrence’s chagrin, I ran towards the restroom and started hurling my morning coffee out.

I actually thought about going back after the yakking stopped since the movie was intriguing. But fucking hell. There should be a fucking warning if there is excessive handheld cameras in a film. At the very least let me get some fucking Dramamine.

I guess I’ll watch the final bit of the film once it’s out on VOD.