President Gore Manfully Quiet
And Where Are The Whores?

In developments virtually ignored by the American press, the state of Florida and two remaining Florida counties have quietly settled, out of court, a suit by the NAACP which charged systematic vote fraud and turning away of eligible black voters during the 2000 election.

The decision by the Jeb Bush Administration to settle rather than face trial casts more doubt than ever upon the 537-vote margin that the Scalia Five on the United States Supreme Court seized upon, as grounds for halting the recounting of presidential ballots and declaring Dubya Bush the only legitimate winner in Florida.

Had the NAACP suits gone to trial, the G.O.P. 2000 coup would, almost certainly, been exposed in open court — just as Governor Jeb, one of the alleged plotters, is in the thick of a hotly contested re-election campaign.

If the State of Florida were innocent, having a trial would have played out in Jeb’s favor.

Halting a trial and settling with the NAACP carries the presumption that the State of Florida was far from innocent, and that the evidence to that effect is deeply embarrassing to Bush and the Florida G.O.P.

At last report, President Al Gore maintained a dignified silence about the bombshell settlement.

But where, apart from the Boston Globe, are the Media Whores? They don’t report, so you can’t decide.


Well what do you know?